Live Healthier

It’s confusing to decide
among all the health
and wellness promises.

You aren’t alone.

Small manageable changes in your lifestyle can create BIG improvements in your health.

Even for chronic health conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes. And you don’t need to be a fitness guru or gym rat!

Edward B. was referred by his wife and daughter who had lost weight on our program.

Ed had suffered a heart attack prior and wanted to get his body healthier. At the beginning of the quarantine, his blood pressure started to spike to 162/100, 173/114 even 188/123. Ed sent us his blood pressure and his diet daily and we reviewed his exercise and relaxation techniques. After reviewing his DNA results, we altered his diet (more protein), increased his short intensity exercise, and included a daily destress walk. After two months of following the program he says, “I currently have excellent numbers, 118/70, 118/69, and 120/68. This program has helped me improve my health greatly!”

Using Your DNA, We Personalize A Program To You.

A physician oversees and monitors your progress. You can manage chronic health conditions in such a way that you actually feel better, are happier and healthier!

Feel Better For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day

Healthier2gether tailors a special diet (and no, you won’t be hungry), light exercise regimen, and nutrient program that guides you to success. Together, as a team, we ensure your success with weekly check ins. Visit our program page to learn more. Start living your best life!

Other Programs Haven't Worked Because They Are Not Personalized To You.

Healtier2gether is and that’s why you will be healthier and keep the weight off. Stop guessing and start living your best life!