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Tired of feeling overweight?
Confused by weight loss programs?

Your Weight Loss Simplified.
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Confused by the noise and weight loss promises? You aren’t alone.

Hope W. tried Gastric bypass surgery and still gained weight 15 pounds. She came to us wanting pills, but was convinced to join the program. She said, “I did but didn’t think it would work but so far I lost a total of 19 lbs! So all I can say is that it works.”

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A physician oversees and monitors a program tailored just for you.

A diet (and no, you won’t be hungry), light exercise regimen, and nutrients. The key to our program is resetting your metabolism by getting your fat thermostat to work again. This is done through diet and homeopathic nutrients.

Together, as a team, we ensure your success with weekly check-ins.

Our customized DNA-based weight loss and wellness programs makes you healthier while you lose weight. Visit our program page to learn more. Start living your best life!

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Telemedicine and the RENPHO Body Scale keep you on the path to success.

Stay on course thanks to monthly tele-med visits and the RENPHO Scale that monitors 13 essential measurements. It’s Bluetooth compatible. Healthier2Gether tracks your progress without you having to come to the office. The RENPHO app measures weight, Body Fat, BMI, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, and more.

Order your RENPHO Body Scale by clicking here. Start your journey to weight loss and health today.  On weekly telemed meetings we discuss your progress. You’ll get addicted to seeing the results. We guarantee it.

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Other programs haven’t worked because they were not personalized to you. Healtier2gether is and that’s why you keep the weight off. Stop guessing and start living your best life!

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Dr. Stephen Hoody is an award-winning Nutritionist in New York City. He is the CEO/Founder of Healthier2gether and Novo Wellness & Weight Loss, New York Health Centers, and Manhattan Total Health Centers. Dr. Hoody is pioneering DNA-driven healthcare to individualize care, boost a person’s immunity and deliver optimal health. He has spoken on WABC 770, the Better Living Radio Talk Show, the United Nations, FBI, Chase Bank and at many other companies.

Get healthy and lose weight today. Live your best life!