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Happiness, confidence, weight loss and a healthier life are yours. Once you lose the weight, keep it off for less than a cup of coffee a day.

What’s included is unbelievable.

The Healthier2gether program includes:

A DNA test and full report

This way we can tailor a program that is unique to you. You will look and feel better because we optimize your body’s metabolism and give you more energy. You will embrace the life you’ve always wanted. We will also design the program so you proactively prevent and manage your health in the future.

A Diet plan that doesn’t leave you hungry

You will learn what your particular body requires to make a huge difference in your health. Which foods make your metabolism soar, help you lose weight and manage your health conditions. You’ll learn which food are not meant for you. Soon you will even receive recipes that will make your diet fun and delicious.

Nutrients delivered to your door

No more guessing what you need and what dose you require. Every month you’ll receive a packet complete with the highest quality nutrients, pharmaceutical grade, customized for you based on Your DNA, compounded in our pharmacy. Your nutrient needs will be regularly reassessed and updated to meet your current requirements for the rest of your life. You receive only what you do need and not what you do not need.

Regular monthly visits with your physician

Whether in person or online, a health practitioner makes sure you are progressing toward success. As your metabolism improves, your program changes with you. As your energy level increases, your diet may change. As your blood sugar improves, your need for medicine will diminish. We are with you every step of the way.

An exercise regimen that fits with your life

Exercise is an important part of health and wellness, but no need for concern. You may need more intense exercise, or you may need something more like yoga, or you may need more time to recover, and you may need additional nutrients during exercise. Your DNA gives us Your Ideal Plan. And because it is custom designed for you, it usually takes less time and effort than what you are currently doing, and even better results! A walk in the park while listening to your favorite podcast may not sound like exercise, but it is!

What would you pay for a program like this?

If you have a $2.70 cup of coffee a day, that comes to 81.00 per month.
A DNA tested by 23andMe costs $199.00.
Yet Healthier2gether, with all that is included, only costs $69.00 a month and it works better than any other program on the market, because it is designed uniquely for you!

Step one is signing up for a free consultation today.

Other Programs Haven't Worked Because They Are Not Personalized To You.

Healtier2gether is and that’s why you will be healthier and keep the weight off. Stop guessing and start living your best life!