Healthy Tacos Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Now it’s time to get healthy and possibly lose some extra weight that you put on.

Rather than choosing One healthy recipe, I think its good to have a staple to be used as a snack, for lunch or dinner – even for breakfast – its holiday season, you can do what you want.  This is a recipe you can use all year long in place of starchy or fried food.  And because it contains about 500 less calories than regular tacos, you can lose a pound or two each month if you make this a go-to-food.

What do we all love to eat?  Tacos!

Here’s a way you can eat tacos anytime you want, all day long, lose weight and get healthier.

Tacos the Healthier2gether way:


  1. Replace the current tortillas with two or three fresh Romain Salad Leaves.
  • Pick the freshest leaves, split in half and place the darker half over the harder half . You can use 2 or 3 layers of Romain leaves, according to your preference.
  • Romain leaves are loaded with minerals and help increase your vitamin A and are only 8 calories each. Vitamin A helps support our lining cells, both inside and outside the body, our skin and cells that line our blood vessels, stomach and digestive tract.
  1. Replace white rice with Cauliflower.
  • Finely dice the cauliflower or even put it in a food processor.
  • The benefits of cauliflower are enormous. It contains almost every vitamin and mineral that we need with only 25 calories per cup.
  • You can also bake cauliflower pieces in the oven until crisp (375 degrees) and salt and pepper for a side dish.
  • It has been shown to reduce heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and blood pressure.
  • Need I say more? Eat cauliflower regularly.
  1. Want to be even healthier, exchange the regular cheese in a taco for goat cheese or feta cheese.
  • Both of these are lower in fat but very tasty and easier to digest. The fat they do contain is much healthier.
  1. Meat.
  • a small amount of grilled beef, chicken, fish, or shrimp. The choice is yours. With all the added veggies, you will digest the meat better and absorb the rich vitamins found in this protein.
  1. Tomatoes, onions, salsa and spices.
  • Top this all off with diced tomatoes, onions, add salsa and spices to taste.
  1. Drinks.
  • Please be sensible here. Always begin with Ice, Seltzer and a splash of fruit juice.  It tastes great and eliminates 100-150 calories per glass compared to regular juice or soda.

Take control and have Healthy Tacos every day. 2021 is the year to enjoy your food and have fun doing so.

Hint – Put this on the Top of your New Years Resolution List.  This is a resolution you can Keep! Let’s be Healthier2gether!