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Dr. Hoody's Rule of 3s

Doctor Hoody’s Secret Diet to Survive the Modern World – The Rule of Threes

Our planet, our environment and our lifestyles have changed. Today there are over 82,000 certified synthetic toxic chemicals legally released into our environment every day. We have access to food 24 hours a day, which humans have never had. The result has been detrimental to our health. For the first time in human history more of us die from obesity than starvation.

Our diets must be reimagined. A diet that enables the body to build, rebuild and adapt in a healthy way is not the diet that most of us eat. Yet there is a simple guideline to follow for a healthy diet that will help us meet the challenges of today. It is my The Rule of Threes.

If we do nothing else but adopt my Rule of Threes, we can change the trajectory of humanity towards a healthier, happier, and active lifestyle. My Rule of Three Diet simply consists of 3 times more vegetables than proteins, and 3 times more protein than grains (including root vegetables). This is a diet that doesn’t require counting calories or relying on supplements. It is easy and will reset your metabolism and help you lose weight.