Vitamin D: Essential for Health and Proper Weight.

Vitamin D is Essential

We will explore the 3 reasons why most Americans are deficient in vitamin D and the 5 things you must do to raise your vitamin D to healthy levels.

Healthy levels of vitamin D help us fight disease by increasing calcium absorption, by protecting bone, and improving muscle function including your heart. Healthy vitamin D levels also help boost weight loss by being an essential part of a healthy metabolism that can burn fat as needed. Vitamin D also helps to prevent depression. Some of the best food sources a vitamin D would be fatty fish. It is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide are deficient in vitamin D and the World Health Organization has claimed that if every person on the planet consumed just 1000 international units of vitamin D each day, the mortality age would increase by two years per person.

In the US, we suffer from extremely low vitamin D levels. 80% of us are deficient, meaning below 30 units. Ideal measurement would be 50-80 units, calculated via blood test. Why? There are three main reasons. The first reason is that Americans avoid sun as they have somehow been convinced that the sun is dangerous, but nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, it is the toxins that we carry in our body from food, cosmetics and environmental sources that create the damaging effect from the sun. Chemicals in our bodies, when heated by the sun, can cause toxic reactions.

The Second reason Americans have such low vitamin D levels is because we use too much sunblock. The higher the SPF, the more toxins and also the more it blocks the sun’s absorption. SPF 4 blocks 2 times more vitamin D absorption than SPF 2,  and SPF 8 blocks twice as much vitamin D absorption as SPF 4, etc. In the last 10 to 15 years, you can now purchase sunblock with SPF 50, even 100 or 150! Guess how much vitamin D you will absorb when you wear those sunblocks?

The third reason Americans are so low in vitamin D is because we have an epidemic of obesity or overweight. And the result of this epidemic is metabolic syndrome, which means your metabolism is not functioning. When your metabolism starts to function properly, you will begin to absorb vitamin D better.

Now for the five must do solutions to increase your vitamin D:

  1. Detoxify your body. First, avoid chemicals in your food. Second, follow Dr Hoody’s Rule of 3’s Diet, which is three times more vegetables than protein and three times more protein than grains (including root vegetables). Avoid antiperspirants and instead use deodorant, and follow Dr Hoody’s Oxygen Bath Formula which is 2 cups of salt and two quarts of hydrogen peroxide in a bath for 10 minutes at least one time per week. The salt will open your pores and the hydrogen peroxide, an antioxidant, will pull the toxins out of your body.  Use a loofah sponge every day when you bathe as it will discard the top layer of dead skin cells which hold many toxins. And finally, look at the chemicals in the soaps, lotions and even cleaning supplies that you use. These accumulate in your body.
  2. Use less sunblock or at least a lower SPF rating sunblock. SPF 2 sunblock protects or eliminates half of the sun’s damaging rays. SPF 4 protects against half of what is left, leaving only 25% unprotected. SPF 8 eliminates half again of what is left, leaving only 12 1/2% damaging rays to enter your body. So, anything higher than SPF 8 is only eliminating 12% of any damaging rays. However, the higher the SPF, the more toxicity in the product. So, in most cases, you can probably use a maximum of SPF 8. If you are outside in the sun all day long or going in a boat for the day, you might use SPF 20 or even 50, but for most days, you want to use the less toxic, lower SPF’s. And normally, make certain the 1st 20 minutes in the sun is without sunblock. In 20 minutes without sunblock, you can get the equivalent of 10,000 units of vitamin D absorbed.
  3. When we are exposed to the sun, it takes 12 to 24 hours for that to be converted into vitamin D in your body. Some things will block that absorption, but others will not. Water does not block that process. However, soap does. So, after a wonderful day in the sun, do not go home and take a full body soap shower. Maybe soap under your arms and your groin, and then wait until the morning to soap the rest of your body. This way you will absorb the maximum amount of vitamin D.
  4. Focus on getting your metabolism working first, thus getting rid of as much extra fat in your body as you can. Once your metabolism is reset, you will absorb much higher levels of vitamin D.
  5. And finally, if you do require a vitamin D supplement, make certain that you test if it is working. That is easily done by a quarterly blood test. It can sometimes take 25,000 international units of vitamin D taken once a week for four weeks and then 2000 to 5000 units of vitamin D per day thereafter to increase your vitamin D to a healthy level. Please be sure to consult with your nutritionist or doctor on this process.

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