Covid-19 and Obesity – a Lethal Combination

Dr. Hoody draws a startling correlation between COVID-19 and obesity in a recent FIXNYC.org article. In the article he lays out three simple steps policymakers and politicians should focus on to reduce the detrimental effects of both.

First, he lays out some statistics that should give us all pause.

  • COVID-19 has killed 4.5 million people worldwide.
  • 8 million people die each year from obesity.
  • Since COVID-19, nearly 8 million died of obesity.

Some outtakes from the article are as follows:

The single most important factor determining the severity of someone’s COVID-19 symptoms or how deadly it might be, is not a history of lung disease, cardiovascular issues, cancer, or high blood pressure. It is obesity. Unfortunately, obesity is misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and thought to be out of our control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Science provides a three-step guide to reducing obesity, whether it’s for an individual, a community, or the whole planet.

With the advent of COVID-19, the obesity epidemic has become much deadlier. Dr. Hoody suggests 3 easy steps to promote weight loss and improved health.

Step One: Reset our metabolism

Anyone who knows Dr. Hoody knows of his passion for healthy weight loss. His alarm for resetting a person’s metabolism is driven by the fact that it is the only method to deliver long term, healthy weight loss and the related health benefits. Fad diets can often be counterproductive to this end.

In the article Hoody states:

The hypothalamus, a region of the forebrain which coordinates the autonomic nervous system, body temperature, thirst, hunger, and other homeostatic systems, plays a key role in your body’s ability to regulate fat metabolism. When working properly, we burn fat deposits for energy and our body resets to its ideal size, shape, and weight.

To see his suggestions for resetting your metabolism, check out the full article at: https://fixnyc.org/covid-19-and-obesity-a-lethal-combination/

Step 2: Achieve ideal weight AND keep it.  

Knowledge is addicting and motivating. Witnessing your metabolism burn fat efficiently is key to keeping the weight off and feeling healthy. There are inexpensive metabolic scales that accurately assess your weight, body fat, lean body muscle, body water (which means toxicity levels), visceral fat and metabolic age. When these metrics are within healthy ranges, especially when your metabolic age reaches your current chronological age or below, your metabolism has kicked into full gear. Watching your metabolic age get younger and younger is better than the sugar rush from a Snickers Bar.

You can order the Healthier2gether approved RENPHO Body Scale by clicking here. You’ll get addicted to seeing the results. We guarantee it.

Step 3: The Rule of 3s.

The single best way to change your life, even if you ignore the first two steps, is to adopt what Dr. Hoody calls, “Dr. Hoody’s Rule of Threes.” Simply put, eat three times more greens than proteins, and three times more proteins than grains.  Again, those familiar with Dr. Hoody’s programs will recognize the rule of 3’s.

If policymakers did nothing else but develop policies to promote the Rule of Threes, the world would see fewer deaths from COVID-19 and obesity.

COVID-19 has made the obesity epidemic more acute. Policymakers and health professions would be wise to heed the call. Let’s start with World Healthy Weight Day and shed our excess pounds and health-related ailments.

It is too preventable not to do it.

Read the full article titled “COVID-19 and Obesity – a Lethal Combination,” at https://fixnyc.org/covid-19-and-obesity-a-lethal-combination/.

Dr. Steve Hoody is an award-winning Nutritionist and weight loss expert in New York City. He is the CEO/Founder of Healthier2gether, a company dedicated to Health and Wellness through nutrition and education.