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Grilled Salmon with Greens

Grilled Salmon With Greens

Why Dr. Hoody Endorses this recipe:

This one-dish grilled salmon recipe is perfect for a busy weeknight. It is good because it is high in protein and still has sufficient fat (the omega 3 type) and carbohydrate to satisfy you.

It has a significant amount of greens, which is vital to keeping the pounds off. We need Greens with every meal, 5-8 servings per day. They give us our best source of many nutrients and fiber. High fiber content keeps our metabolic system going, like having no police on the highway, everyone just picks up speed. For most of us, that is better for our metabolism.

Popeye was right. Spinach is healthy.

Healthy Sauté Spinach with Garlic

Why Dr. Hoody Endorses this recipe:

Well, it turns out Popeye was right!  Spinach is good for your body. Sauté spinach with garlic and heart healthy olive oil to bring the taste up to a whole new level. Spinach is one of our best sources of Vitamin A, C, K, Folate, Magnesium, Iron and Calcium. Plus, garlic helps regulate blood pressure and protect against cancer.

Each serving just 41 calories!

Healthy Tacos Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Now it’s time to get healthy and possibly lose some extra weight that you put on.

Rather than choosing One healthy recipe, I think its good to have a staple to be used as a snack, for lunch or dinner – even for breakfast – its holiday season, you can do what you want.  This is a recipe you can use all year long in place of starchy or fried food.  And because it contains about 500 less calories than regular tacos, you can lose a pound or two each month if you make this a go-to-food.

What do we all love to eat?  Tacos!

A Delicious Way to Fight Diabetes

Being healthy and enjoying life can coexist and it should. How many people have diabetes? 34.2 million people, or 10.5% of the U.S. population, have diabetes. Roughly 7.3 million people have diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed.  This is not OK but thankfully there are solutions.

Living with diabetes or getting healthier to avoid diabetes, does not mean sacrificing good food and fun. This column will prove that. A family that eats together, stays together, and with the recipes we will share, will stay together for a long time.

We’ll share a Cherry Balsamic Pork Tenderloin recipe and here is why it is Healthy:

Cherries have fiber, potassium and many vitamins. They also contain anthocyanins which are bio active compounds that provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and pro cardiovascular. They stabilize blood sugar due to their low glycemic index. They contain quercetin which protects your DNA and helps breast, prostate and fights lung cancer. Cherries can ease joint pain and also help you recovery from exercise.

Balsamic vinegar improves skin health, reduces high blood sugar, promotes healthy digestion, it can decrease your cholesterol, often helps with weight loss and to decrease hypertension.

Pork Tenderloin contains concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals including thismin, selenium, proteins, niacin, B6, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin and potassium. It is low sodium and high potassium are two nutrients that help regulate blood pressure. The tenderloin cut of pork meets the criteria for the American Heart Association checkmark. This means it is low-fat, low in saturated fat and low in sodium.


  • 1 ½cups fresh, or frozen and thawed cherries, halved and pitted
  • ¼cup balsamic vinegar
  • ¼cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1tablespoon honey
  • 2teaspoons fresh thyme, plus a few sprigs for garnish
  • 1teaspoon kosher salt
  • ½teaspoon black pepper
  • 2garlic cloves, peeled
  • 2pork tenderloins, about 1 pound each


  1. Combine the first 9 ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor. Blend mixture until smooth and pureed, about 45 seconds.
  2. Makes about 1 ¾ cups. Reserve ¾ cup of marinade to pass separately when serving.
  3. Trim pork tenderloins of any excess fat or silver skin. Place pork in a resealable plastic bag.
  4. Pour remaining marinade over the tenderloins. Seal bag and make sure all the meat is coated.
  5. Marinate at least 30 minutes at room temperature or chill up to 24 hours. Remove pork from the refrigerator 30-45 minutes before grilling or roasting.
  6. Prepare grill* on medium-high heat.
  7. Remove the tenderloins from the bag and place in the center of the grill. Discard bag with marinade.
  8. Cover and cook for 12-15 minutes, turning every 4-5 minutes, until the tenderloin reaches an internal temperature of 140-145 degrees F using an instant-read thermometer.
  9. Let pork rest 10 minutes before slicing. Serve with reserved marinade. Enjoy!

From Kim Peterson on giveitsomethyme.com

Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think.