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Grilled Salmon with Greens

Grilled Salmon With Greens

Why Dr. Hoody Endorses this recipe:

This one-dish grilled salmon recipe is perfect for a busy weeknight. It is good because it is high in protein and still has sufficient fat (the omega 3 type) and carbohydrate to satisfy you.

It has a significant amount of greens, which is vital to keeping the pounds off. We need Greens with every meal, 5-8 servings per day. They give us our best source of many nutrients and fiber. High fiber content keeps our metabolic system going, like having no police on the highway, everyone just picks up speed. For most of us, that is better for our metabolism.

Popeye was right. Spinach is healthy.

Healthy Sauté Spinach with Garlic

Why Dr. Hoody Endorses this recipe:

Well, it turns out Popeye was right!  Spinach is good for your body. Sauté spinach with garlic and heart healthy olive oil to bring the taste up to a whole new level. Spinach is one of our best sources of Vitamin A, C, K, Folate, Magnesium, Iron and Calcium. Plus, garlic helps regulate blood pressure and protect against cancer.

Each serving just 41 calories!

3 Reasons to Cook at Home


Healthy Tacos Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Now it’s time to get healthy and possibly lose some extra weight that you put on.

Rather than choosing One healthy recipe, I think its good to have a staple to be used as a snack, for lunch or dinner – even for breakfast – its holiday season, you can do what you want.  This is a recipe you can use all year long in place of starchy or fried food.  And because it contains about 500 less calories than regular tacos, you can lose a pound or two each month if you make this a go-to-food.

What do we all love to eat?  Tacos!

Foods That Make You Younger and Healthier